BeRex is focusing on and dedicated to innovative and patented RF technologies and products for the wireless industry.

BeRex was founded in 2003 to be the leading marketing, designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling supplier of RF and Microwave ICs, including Gain blocks, Drive Amps, IF Amps, Power Amplifiers, Discrete Amps, Switches, Mixers, Dividers, Couplers, LNAs, Digital Step Attenuators(DSA), Digital Variable Step Attenuators(DVGA), IoT Front End Modules(FEMs), Bare dice, MCMs, Customized products, and other RF integrated circuits.

BeRex has strategic partners around the world for the most efficient operation for marketing, engineering, manufacturing, testing, customer support and financing.

BeRex makes invaluable contributions to our partners, customers, investors, community, industry, employees and our professional team members.

BeRex products meet all requirements for wireless industry and international standards of environmental stewardship and quality.

Our goal is to work together, and grow together, for mutual prosperity for many years to come.

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