About BeRex

Founded in 2003, BeRex is a fabless semiconductor company that markets, designs and supports innovative RF and microwave semiconductors worldwide. Our high degree of technical expertise and experience allows us to develop and produce industry leading semiconductor products that enable technology.

As a “fabless” semiconductor company, BeRex, does not operate its own foundry but rather contracts wafer fabrication to highly qualified and carefully monitored third party foundries while focusing its internal resources on designing excellence, quality control and reliability for our products as well as a providing the highest level of support and product availability for our clients. Our corporate core values of product excellence, social responsibility and service to our clients are instilled and reinforced to our employees and guide all management decisions.

BeRex consists of two companies each with a focus and expertise on its own specialized market. BeRex Corporation headquartered in Seoul Korea and BeRex, Inc. headquartered in Santa Clara, CA USA.

BeRex Corporation specializes in the development, marketing and support of semiconductors in support of the current and next generation wireless communications and cellular infrastructure applications worldwide.

BeRex, Inc. is an independent, wholly own subsidiary of BeRex Corporation and specializes in design, manufacture and selling of bare-die and packaged PHEMT and MESFET devices that target radar and communications applications for both commercial and military clients worldwide.

Drawing on the strong technology talent pool in the Silicon Valley, BeRex, Inc. focuses and maintains a high level of expertise in its Engineering, Production, Quality, Marketing, and Sales groups. Its proactive and adaptive management style keeps the company on track and clearly focused on its core pHEMT and MESFET product lines. “We provide our products with pride so that our clients can use them with confidence.”