Company Profile

BeRex markets, designs, develop and support innovative RF amplifier products for current and next generation wireless communication equipments.

BeRex leverage over 150 man-years of experiences and expertise in managing technology companies, and developing high performance and most reliable radio frequency (RF) products to enable the faster transmission of large amounts of voice, picture, video and data traffic over the advanced communication networks.

BeRex has strategic partners around the world for the most efficient operation for engineering, marketing, sales, manufacturing, and financing. BeRex¡¯s goals are impressive contributions to customers, investors, community, industry and employees with the selected Dream Team members.

BeRex offers such advantages as ESD 4,000 volt, MSL 1, product quality uniformity, enhanced band width 10 to 4000 MHz, 100% lead-free green products (RoHS compliant), less external parts, higher performance, 100% RF/DC screen, temperature compensated bias circuit, friendly packaging, MTBF over 100 years, ext.